Good price to offer for a working 2nd hand / used Xbox One (not S) console with all leads + controller?

    As per title please, what is the maximum those ITK would pay for a 2nd hand / used Xbox One (not S) console with all leads + controller? Would £100 be laughed at for example? Thanks in advance.


    Max £28

    About £130 seems reasonable.

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    Max £28

    Sorry Eamon99, I've updated my post as I meant console, leads and controller all together. Thanks for your answer all the same.

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    Pacman786 checking this out.

    Saw that thanks Pacman but I'm in Hull and it's collection only from E7 as the seller won't deliver. I've trawled through a few days of posts and that was the only console I found on sale so wasn't sure if £130 was a good price as there was no other on sale to compare it with.

    Considering you can pick up new ones delivered with warranty for £149.99, £110 would seem reasonable

    149 paid for new one 1tb with gears 4. So i would be looking at absolutely max £100 second hand

    i agree, 100 max now especially with all the recent offers.

    Lowest I've paid is £125, average is £150 and up to £180 if there are games that will bring a nice trade in value.

    I sold mine for 120 the other day only took 4 hours for someone to come and pick it up. Sold it on gumtree
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