good priced iphone

    DS1 has said he would like an iphone for xmas, are there any good deals atm?


    35 pound on a 2 year contract....but well worth it...they are fantastic!!

    o2 shop only...

    it'll be out on orange in about a week i believe. should bring some competion to the iphone market and hopefully knock down the prices a bit!

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    looking for an unlocked one, as hes only on payg and i aint paying a 16yr olds phone bill lol

    im on the lookout for an iphone on payg too and hoping when orange is out it will bring the price down a bit!

    3GS is about 440 PAYG cant see it being cheaper any time soon for the handset tariff only.

    Thought I might get one for my daughter for Christmas - but at those prices, I don't think so

    you can get the 3g for about 340 new
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