Found 28th Jan 2008
Looking for a good printer for my sister. She doesn't want to spend more than £30 and wants it to print only so not an all in one.

Thanks in advance...

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I picked up a reasonable decent hp printer in asda for £20 or you can get cheap epson's which are buttons to re-fill if she was going to be doing alot of printing, e.g. student?

Is she looking to print mainly b&w or colour and if colour is she planning on photo's? That would give you a better idea of what to look at.

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She wants it for general printing, not heavy use and colour would be OK, but it is mainly for black & white stuff...

Epson rock, Tesco are doing a cheap multifunctional printer for £59.99, bought one for my Mother in Law for Christmas and she's been chuffed with it.

I have an Olivetti all in one, very good printer, even for pics, but cartridges are expensive. Saw one advertised on hot deals last week for £29.99p very cheap. Can also be used WIFI. I think it was Robert Dyas.

Most of the cheap printers now come with 'trial' cartridges and sometimes (eg Lexmark combine ciolour and b&w). Unless your usage is absolutely minimal you should consider paying a little more initially.

The HP D7160 is still available direct for just over £50 (taking into account Quidco) and is a real bargain at that price. If colour printing has no interest then consider one of the laser offers - but even these sometimes have limited 'starter' toner supplied initially.…ed/

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Cheers guys. She has decided on the Epson DX8400
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