Good printer, compatible with aftermarket cartridges.

Found 9th Nov 2009
Hi Folks,

Haven't looked at printers in years and now my brother wants me to get him one for xmas. Since I last looked all the model numbers have changed and now I'm utterly clueless.

Does anyone know to mind a decent printer for which I can buy cheap and cheerful ink cartridges?

Thanks for any responses......
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I've always gone the Epson route, trillions on cart deals on ebay, always had next day del to!
And also got ciss on the rx560 and the r300, so just refill the ink more carts
I believe Epson are the only ones who will allow legit 3rd party cartridges. I always buy Epson now and they run happily on £2.50 ones from the local ink shop...
Most Brother printers will run on cheap replacement cartridges. Check cartridge prices on one of the replacement cartridge seller's sites before you buy - the same with Epson as I don't think that all Epsons run on cheap carts.
Cheers for the replies folks:thumbsup:

I'll take a look at some Epson and Brothers then - see what can be bought and which ones have the compatible cartridges ;-)
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