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Just got hold of a PSP for my dad, and need to get 1 or 2 games to start him off. Not too expensive.…065 GTA at £12.99 sounds like a good price, for what I assume is a good game..

Any feedback?

Also wondering how easy it is to put photos music and videos onto it?

Any help will be appreciated!


Loco Roco! Coolest game ever.

Other games which I enjoyed were; Lumines, GTA:LCS & VCS, Tekken and Valkyrie Profile (But that's because I love RPGs)

I can't really comment on anything else as I sold mine a while ago, so I don't know what's changed.

gta is ace, just like the full gta3 - but with the added benefit of multiplayer mode over wifi

as for other games depends what kinda game you're into really. i'm playing miami vice at the minute thats pretty good so far. bit limited compared to gta though!

yeah loco roco. thats good too but a bit "different" to gta type games .....

GTA is hours of fun. Just driving around and erasing everything in sight is great
There is a lot of cool stuff on top of buildings to be found by riding the el too. Excellent game, if you don't take that kind of stuff too seriously.
Mercury is well worth a purchase too

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Ok thanks guys. Will prob just play it safe with GTA. Any advice on the best one and price?

Also is video and photo uploading simple?

Both Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are available from PowerPlay Direct at £12.99. I can't find any cheaper than that.

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Both Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are available from … Both Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are available from PowerPlay Direct at £12.99. I can't find any cheaper than that.

Which of the 2 is a better game or is there not much in it

give lumines a go, like a new tetris

Virtua Tennis all the way

make sure you get Final Fantasy : Crisis Core when it comes out. (if he likes that kinda thing)

Has anyone played Crush yet? Its a crazy 2D/3D puzzle game from Sega and its sooo addictive.

My faves are Lumines, Ridge Racer, Loco Roco, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Tekken: Dark Res, Wipeout and the painfully difficult Ultimate Ghouls N' Ghosts

That Ghouls and Ghost anything different from the SNES version?

I enjoy Tekken (I actually think I am the champion in the world at that)
Virtua Tennis

ANyone played the new Metal Gear?

new metal gear's excellent. you go around a map "recruiting" enemy soldiers to fight your cause its ace

ghouls n ghosts i never played the snes one but the gameplay seems same as amiga one. just gfx have been polished thats all really

Sounds good! Gameplay similar to the PS2 MGS?

The first MGS for PSP was like a card game right?

My PSP has been stored for over a year, may have to get it out to try MGS!

ooo SNES version is an all time classic Have it on the VC on the Wii

yes same gameplay as ps2 one. but this one you have a map and choose where to go, similar to ghostbusters on the c64 haha!

definitely not a card game,lol

Great stuff, will have to check it out!

Nice one rob

screenshots on here mate…218

i want to clock gta vcs and lcs before i move onto that one though

want to play multiplayer with all the islands :P

manhunt 2 is on psp next month should be worth a look too!
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