Good qality camera for under £200 (about 10 megapixel)

Found 11th Feb 2009
I am not relly sure what to look for on the specifications. I want a camera giving good quality pics and movies and completed with li-ion battery. There is some many features I got confused


check out the panasonic tz5....amazing camera.

dont just go on the amount of megapixels, check out the reviews on web first.

If you can, I would wait. Fuji are releasing the F200exr at the end of this month, and that is looking to be a good camera. Fuji have a good reputation for low light cameras. Also Panasonic are updating the TZ5 in April with 2 new models, the TZ6/7. Both feature 12X optical zoom.

deffo go for tz series - i have tz1, still perfect for my needs (i think it is 5megapixel but as above, that means absolutely nowt - it's the quality of lens and sensor that counts) - a mate has just got tz5 and really chuffed with it

Another vote for TZ5 at £191.81 incl del here http//ww…-21. Without going for an SLR this is about the best combination of versatility, price and quality that you're going to get. Indeed, you may find that the TZ4 would suit equally as well (£149.99 from Currys for example).


There are new models in the TZ series but they are over your budget by some way and will add little, if anything, to the ability to actually get some good images. Quite possibly the extra megapixels in them will bring more problems to the party than benefits.

If you want something even more pocketable then something from the Panasonic FX range would be ideal. Perhaps the FX37 which has a 5x zoom for £165.98 incl del here ukdigitalcameras.co.uk/pro…766


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Thank you all. I will check on Lumix and all of your suggestions. Thanks again
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