Good quality 500-650 Watt ATX PSU

    Looking for a good price on one of these and recommendations...anyone?



    If you are running anything older than 8800 Nvidia gpu's then I can reccomend the Hiper 580w Type R which is top quality and has the advantage of individual connections to the psu itself so you only have cables you need and not a nest of un used ones. £64 @ pixmania…867

    Depends on your setup if you are going to get an 8800 series gfx card then I would reccomend 700w ish, I have just upgraded to the OCZ 700w which gets good reviews and my system is solid as a rock running it. £66 after GC @ Aria.…587

    Hope this helps. BTW you might find better prices I only had time for a quick look.

    Original Poster

    thanks for looking. Sorry to say, can't quite afford them. Any good deals around on something a little cheaper?

    Well Antec Smartpower PSUs have done me very well and are a bit cheaper than the hiper (and tbh cheap PSUs really arent worth bothering with if ur having a good graphix card)

    Try this as its a budget Antec…929

    otherwise go for a smartpower…609

    and of course theres a tenner off with Google checkout
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