Good Quality Bark Chip Wanted

    Does anyone know of any offers, i say good quality i didn't know there was such a thing until my Mum mentioned it yesterday she says the lesser quality may have moss etc contained in the bag.
    Would just like enought to put in my borders


    there is a place near us that composts all the old xmas trees and turns them into bark/wood chippings. They delivery if you need a couple of tons, which we used to put under swings etc in the garden and cover flower beds etc. For any less you would need to collect it. We paid £70 a tonne (equivalent to 40 big bags at 25kg each)

    Unfortunately we live 30 miles north of Aberdeen, but there may be a company or council place that will do it near you.

    worth a look

    Netto have some chipped bark in this week if any near you - 50ltr for £2.49


    You could also use cocoa shells when they get wet it smells of chocolate!

    really i work in a garden center and it smells awful your getting chocolate and dung mixed up
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