Good Quality bed wanted.

Found 6th Oct 2008
Hi all need to replace our old bed as its just to painful to sleep on.

I know there are so many to choose from and it will come to personal rpreference but I wondered if there where any companys or makes to stay clear of or the flip side any recomendations.

also would be nice to get a deal so either a voucher or quidco is always nice.

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sorry more details as requested.

Currently have aking size (5ft) and want a divan with 2 draw storage.

Wouldl ike one with a topper of memory foam as have been told by people they are good and very comfy but would still like it to be relativly firm but not as firm as an authopedic type.

hopefuly that helps with pointing in the right direction.


Don't you just love it when people rush in to help?

its the best,
mmmm no bed deals then or advice??? what you all sleep on the fllor?
I think there is a SilentNight memory foam matress topper in TJ Hughes for £39.99
try here [url]www.la-lunebeds.co.uk[/url]
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