Found 9th Sep 2010
I have been using verbatim disks for a while and so far i have had these different sources:

made in taiwan sometimes india)(amazon)

made in uae(pc world) sometimes (india) ( taiwan)

made in china (asda/

the point i am getting to is, can you really buy top notch blank media these days at a decent price like taiyo yuden,if so where from?

Does anyone still use decent dye and get good results?

if so where do you buy from?

I know you can buy taiyo yuden from a few sites, but has anyone got good results from these disks


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I use Ritek GO5 disks and never had any probs in over 10 years. They team up great with Pioneer burners, very very if no coasters in all the time ive used them. Nice plain white top disks also.

Ebuyer, Bigpockets, SVP and Scan all do good media.


I just buy the cheapest ones going for about 10p each. Never get any coasters. Dont see the point in paying top dollar unless its for long term backup

another vote for ritek here


ritek for dvds etc...anything for cds as usually its just a temp backup....and aones for 360..never had any probs with any of them...

I get em from ebay usually cos the postage at svp and the like makes it too expensive.

Original Poster

thanks for the replys

I will give them a try

Keep on buying Verbatim.
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