Good Quality / Cheap Restaurants Around International Drive (Orlando , Florida) Please

    Looking for good value for money restaurants around International Drive
    (Must be reasonably close to the Renaissance Hotel Seaworld Orlando)

    Also are there any printable voucher flying about lol ?



    lots of quite reasonable restaurants in orlando, many of them have lobster buffets

    As above really, international drive is packed with restaraunts some god, dome not so good - specifically in your area look out for 'The Villiager Inn' which is an inependent restaraunt which does excellent breakfasts ideal for fattening yourself up and avoiding aying the park prices at lunchtime!

    We used to go to the Ponderosa Steak House, its a 'eat as much as you like' buffett, good value and good food!


    Dennys - but remember all restaurants require a 15% tip on top, we generally go to Wendys fast food in the day time and Dennys or Ponderosa, Unos Piza (amazing Pizza)
    Although a fast food place Werndys serves salad of all sorts and they are great most things are $1 so a baked potato and a salad and a coffee or coke = $3 plus no tips required which helps for one meal of the day



    Ditto. Try to get the orlando guide booklets before you go to eat. There is usually so sort of money off vouchers (usually covers the price of a couple of drinks) (non alcoholic)

    There is also some sort of deal somewhere, whereby you buy a childs meal ticket and you can use it in numerous places (so the kids can eat free). Someone out there might have more info, as we have never bought one, but I think they may be about 10 - 20 dollars.…rd/
    This is what I mean, but not sure if there is a cheaper place to buy. Someone out there might have a better idea.

    Ci Ci-$3.99-pizza, pasta buffet-great brgain

    if you find a golden corral then their buffets are pretty good for taste and value, found the tgis much better over there too.
    ihop for breakfast!

    Ponderosa Steak House and sizzler are total slop houses personally I'd Steer well clear.
    Tony Rommas is excellent - best ribs in the world!!!! 10/10
    Personal favorite of ours is the Olive Garden. It is an excellent italian just up the road from your hotel and bloody cheap for what you get.
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