Good quality freeview box <£30

    Hi. I'm after a half decent freeview box for around £30 tops. I've tried a sagem IT58 and a Wharfedale job but both seem cheep and nasty (horrible remotes and finish to the main unit.)

    There seem to be no boxes from big name manufacturers. There's a philips for about £30 but not much else.

    Has anyone found a well made branded unit? All I can find are bizzare sounding and looking units.

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    We bought the Wharfedale WFLP1000 Mini Freeview Set Top Box from Argos for £19.99, reduced from £40.
    The box is black, plain and simple and with a small easy use remote.

    The search found all the channels needed and works absolutely fine.

    The look of the remote and box wouldnt personally bother me as long as i got the channels i wanted and it worked.....:thumbsup:
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