Good Quality Hair Clipper / Cutter

    Can anyone recommend a very good quality hair clipper, looking to pay around £20.

    Main thing is it has to be good quality.

    I bought a Wahl from Argos last week and to my suprise it is really rubbish, so Im gonner try and return it. The link below is the one I got, it was cutting the hair propperly - good it have been faulty?…htm

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    we had one very similar to this last time round,same brand,the design of it in that pic looks like it not changed at all.
    A few wks back we bougth this one instore with advantage pts but it also had £10 off,this is really good my partner says.…829

    We prefer Vidal Sassoon,Remington & Babyliss,we had a Nicky Clarke one once and it went back cos wasn't much good.
    You shouldn't have any problem returning it back to Argos,they have a 16 day no quibble gurantee apart from on certain items,mainly anything like earrings.However you just say the power is cutting out when you using it so must be faulty.You were in desperate need to use one so you have now bought elsewhere,hence you not want it replaced just refunded.
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