Good quality non iron shirts for work?

Found 10th Jun 2018
Started a new job which has quite a formal dress policy and no dress down Friday! As such need to wear a shirt every day. Currently making do with some old ones I bought 3-4 years ago for my graduate job but they are a bit battered now. Hate ironing my shirts every Sunday for the week ahead, it's such a waste of time!

As such looking for some decent non iron shirts. Whilst he lived with me, a former housemate recommended Charles Tyrwhitt non iron shirts - apparently just wash and hand them and they look decent enough to wear without an iron. However these are looking about £25 each?

I'm an avid bargain hunter and hate paying over the odds so can anyone recommend some cheaper alternatives? If not cheaper then any comments on experience with Charles Tyrwhitt or any other similar priced brands (TM Lewin etc) would be appreciated

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Sounds like you need one of these Effie
Get mine normally from M&S Outlet store. Also Craghoppers & Columbia, though possibly not formal enough.
Sadly, no substitute for a properly ironed shirt. I wear uniform and have to iron a shirt each day, its a pain in the butt!
Find some quality poly-cotton shirts.
Get a really good steam iron.
Tumble dry, then hanger the shirts.
Get a good Ironing board and leave it up somewhere.
Takes 3 mins with practice! About the same time as the kettle is boiling for tea.
To be honest I've never found any non iron shirts that don't need a quick iron . I guess it depends on what level of finish you are happy with . However the non iron ones that only take a few minutes that I buy most often for my husband are either the Charles t ones or moss bros non iron. Both companies have regular sales , offers and Charles t sends money off emails what seems like weekly. Also topcashback too.
when i wore a suit for work, i wore a blouse and i found that they are never fully iron free. some will just crease less out of the wash than others, but they still needed ironing to some extent.

the only material that truly did not need ironing were silk blouses, but they were expensive and although silk looks nice on a woman, they aren't suitable for men.
An ironed cheaper shirt always looks better than an unironed expensive one of you ask me. It only takes a couple of minutes to do. I know, i've ironed thousands in my lifetime.
Bertz9910th Jun 2018

Sounds like you need one of these Effie

Looks quality but suspect it will be a small fortune on release. Good if you're in a career where you know you'll use it for years and years or earn a lot though.
Takes me about 7 mins to iron a shirt. So 40 mins to iron all including time to get out/put away board and iron.

So to be honest looking like I will always have to do some ironing even if I hang one of these 'non iron' shirts to dry. I don't have a tumble dryer
I always buy mine on sales at uniqlo but they are 25£ or 30£ most of the time (and now)
We've been keeping a 17/18yr old in 6th form for 2 years so they have had very tough lives with half shaved chin scratching at the collar and underarms that can maim at 12 paces after sports.

M&S are excellent
TM Lewin are excellent

Charles Tyrwhitt are appalling quality and the Customer Service takes great pride in saying shirts have a 6 month (month not year) warranty. A pity as they used to be good.
Cameron925 h, 29 m ago

Looks quality but suspect it will be a small fortune on release. Good if …Looks quality but suspect it will be a small fortune on release. Good if you're in a career where you know you'll use it for years and years or earn a lot though.

Maybe - really have no idea what they will want to charge but looks cool and like the idea in saving me ironing.

Another solution I know a colleague uses is to have batches of shirts in his locker at work - his work clothes only leave the office to go to the Dry cleaners he takes once a week (repeat custom and doing batches makrs it less expensive) - he will leave work either in running, cycling or casual to go out on the lash.
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The M&S multipacks are great buys (~£10 a shirt), even better if you have a M&S outlet nearby as they have the fancier shirts for peanuts.
They aren't non-iron, but they iron very easily.
Sparks card even had/have a 20% offer on so my last batch worked out at £24 for 3 shirts.
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