Good Quality Office Chair Requied

    Quite simply i am after a good quality office chair for home use.

    i'm not after an Morrisons £25 "faux leather" special, not over fussed on style whether it be operartors or executive style.

    I know there are so many sites out there (and yes i am aware of google!) but any good sites people have used in the past/use for work etc. Would like ideally to have a good lumbar support and if oeprators style the ability to adjust/remove arms

    Budget ideal under £100.

    Thanks in advance


    Yeah I'm actually on the lookout myself, after going for a £30 leather chair at Makro, it really isn't that comfortable.

    I've had a look around, and unfortunately I don't have £300 to spend on a quality leather executive chair I noticed (but by God, it looked comfy as hell!).

    Ikea have a couple of decent looking chairs for £65 here:…716
    and here:…890

    1st chair

    2nd chair

    I would however recommend their floor protectors. There's 2 in this house, and it not only protects the carpet but it also allows you to move around on the chair fairly easily as the wheels just slide along comfortably. They did used to do 2 kinds, one with studs underneath the plastic (for carpets) and one without (for hardboard). They only seem to do the carpet version, but it's well worth the money. See here:…100

    I was on the lookout for a chair for my sons bedroom. I was not too worried about quality as he's only 7 and I did not think he would have a lot of impact on it. I was more interested in getting a small one.

    After looking around for sometime decided on this one form B&Q and got it during 15% (not a lot about so had to travel to a store some way from me.…049

    I was not expecting much, but when I put it together I was actually very impressed by the quality and I also find it very comfortable, given it does not have a full length back. It is also very light to move around.

    The material for cushions for the is standard rough black office stuff, however the back of the back rest (not the cushion side) and underneath the seat are not plastic but very cheap thin textile material you get under a lot of sofas (almost like material paper). It does not bother me, but just a heads up. The back rest is not adjustable, but pivots loosely until your back rests on it.

    Original Poster

    Thanks an IKEA is 120 miles from me have been looking at that one though "in case" i go past.

    Damn, that's a shame. 120 miles eh?! Yeah they really should invest in some more stores nationwide. Their delivery charges are just ridiculous!

    This shows the prices just from my nearest... Croydon.


    I got this and it is ace for the money.

    It is out of stock at the moment though:-…tml

    Original Poster

    Thanks to all; now i'm all a "dither" - do I wait a few weeks until i may pass Ikea or opt for a cheaper version and get it delivered..

    Original Poster

    Ikea now showing out of stock (around London) - anyone help???
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