Found 13th Dec 2006

I'm after an FM Transmitter - It's not for my car. It will sit on the ground floor of my house connected to a PC, and will need to go up 2 levels (to my loft conversion).

Anyone recommend one that has a good range that will deliver as good as possible quality sound, up those 2 floors? It'll go through all the walls up to the third level. I don't know what the house materials are made of (apart from brick), but the house is from the 1930's I think. Maybe that'll be a clue.

All suggestions greatly appreciated
Repped will be given where appropriate!



your talking £1000's just for the license to transmit at the power your talking about really, car ones have only just been made legal, and no doubt have some strict limits on power output so I'd be suprised if you found any consumer grade stuff aimed at this, and if you do may be worth checking its legality

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Ahh man! 2 floors is like 10 meters tho lol!

Can't even current ones go 10 meters? if not they suck

I've had an Itrip for 2 years now, and found plenty of info on how to extend the range(if only by an extra 25m), I'm sure the concept will just be the same for any other transmitter - I'll see if I can dig out the info.

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That'd be great - Please MinstrelMan!
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