good rucksack for expedition

    looking for a good, reliable and comfortable rucksack for a long expedition, nothing extreme, just wet weather and no snow expected, looking for minimum of 65l, but the key is comfort, i can understand that i'll have to try the pack on to see how comfortable it is but from your own experience which is invaluable i can gain a better understanding of which rucksacks to buy, absolute most i can spend id £100, i'd rather keep that under the 80 mark but will stretch, bear in mind i'm a student, thanks in advance, lz:thumbsup:


    In the rucksack market there are 3 major players - karrimor, lowe alpine, berghaus and north face. Now £80 is probably more than enough for a 65 litre bag from these brands.

    I have had a karrimor Panther 65 litre bag for over 5 years. Superb wear and tear. Very comfortable, hiked over 100 miles with this and no problems. Takes a while to get good adjustment. Most important thing is to pack heavy stuff at the bottom and light at top. Ie dont but your tent on the top of the bag.

    I have also tried the berghaus rucsacks, can't remember the model but it was a top of the range ladies version. Also very comfortable.

    So, the ones I would go for are..

    If you are a man

    Karrimor Cougar (top of range) 65l £88.94 delivered


    Karrimor bobcat (second down) 65l £39.99 (but check sports and soccer)


    Then berghaus

    Bergaus C7 1 65 + 10 (10 litres in side pockets) £83.95 delivered



    Berghaus Antaeus 65 £71.94 delivered


    In retrospect the berghaus C7 is the best choice. The bioflex system is new and also available across the top end. It also is only available in a cool orange/black combo via the link I gave.

    Info on bioflex…338

    Just to echo berghaus, had one for about 7years now, still looks new as it's looked after, durable, great, lasts, worth every penny.

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    thanks, any more opinions would be great, gonna check out the berghaus in the morning, check rep scott

    It's really worth trying the different brands out first before deciding which one to go with as they each have slightly different back systems. Although they're all adjustable, I've found that Karrimor ones best suit my back shape and I find other makes awkward whereas my other half finds Berghaus suits better. This will be extra important for you given that you're going to be carrying the thing quite alot!
    I'd suggest popping into town and trying out a few brands (preferably at a decent shop with well-trained staff - I don't recommend Milletts etc!!) and then once you've decided what brand is best for you, come back here and see who can find a bargain!
    I can personally vouch for Karrimor and Berghaus - quality and comfort is excellent on both of these. My partner and I have had our rucksacks for 8 or 9 years now and both are lasting well.

    If you have any scout/camping shops near you they will have a good selection and staff should be able to help you choose.

    I like karrimor and have had mine for about 10 years without any problems at all.

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    went to blacks in st pauls yesterday, was rubbish on choice, i wasn't as naieve as to only try the berghaus, i tried on a karrimor as well but they had no other bags that were over 65l, so little choice, any tips on good chops in london, what are current views on the karrimor bobcat, heard they didn't have much shoulder padding, which is what i need, any advice?

    I personally find Blacks and Milletts rubbish for help and advice. They're cheap(ish) and accessible for bits and bobs on the high street but don't have the specialist gear and / or staff for proper camping and hiking equipment.

    You could try places like:

    Cotswold Outdoors (stores in Picadilly and E1) ]http//ww…=60

    Field & Trek (Covent Garden & Baker St)

    Ellis Brigham (Covent Garden)

    Snow & Rock (Holborn, Covent Garden, Kensington High St, Kings Rd & Monument)

    Itchy Feet (Oxford St area)

    Kathmandu are another good store. They mainly only sell their own-brand stuff but it's really good quality and design. They're from New Zealand and very popular over there and in Australia. They have 3 London stores (Oxford St area, Covent Garden & Spitalfields)

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    thanks will make the trip down to covent garden soon, got my boots from the field and trek there, will also try picadilly, any non major retailers who you know are good, want to get as many resources as possible. thanks madtrekker.

    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]I just posted a message in another thread (for suitcases). It might be helpful:[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    I go to [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]TK Maxx[/COLOR][/SIZE] for suitcases I … I go to [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]TK Maxx[/COLOR][/SIZE] for suitcases I got my wonderful Ralph Loren there for £39 (RRP £180) and most comfy, sophisticated and luxurious Piquadro backpack for £39 (RRP £160: check it out HERE)I have never been so pleased about the suitcases so much yet; I recon I'm becoming suitcaseaholic

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Good luck![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]


    Put in your postcode for the scout shop store locator, give them a ring before you go to see if they have anything you would like though.…php

    any non major retailers who you know are good, want to get as many … any non major retailers who you know are good, want to get as many resources as possible. thanks madtrekker.

    Sorry - I don't know many of the smaller shops in London as I'm not from there (I'm living in Devon). I do like to pop into the big companies' shops when I'm up there though as we don't have them down here!

    Maybe someone from London can help?

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    sure thing trekker, thanks a lot for the help so far, going out your way to get the addresses, check rep
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