Good running shoes for jogging?

    Will be starting a daily jog in the new year, perhaps an hour or so in length.

    Anybody have any good recommendations for a comfortable running/jogging shoe?



    I would recommend in investing in Asics Gel.


    I would recommend in investing in Asics Gel.



    Hard to say mate cause depends on how you run etc. Go to a running shop and ask for them to recommend you a running shoe. They usually put you on a treadmill and video record how you run and see how your feet are positioned when your feet hit the ground. That way they can judge how much support you need in your shoe (if any). This service should be free.

    Depending on what kind of support you need, they will bring out a few pairs of trainers from different makes and you can try each one on to see how it feels.

    I bought some Etonic's from Up & Running in Brum. I tried a few pairs on including some New Balance and ran on the treadmill to see which was more comfortable.

    Hope that helps mate.


    asics or mizuno

    ideally you should goto a pref running store to make sure you get the right trainere for your shape of foot as their are so many different styles and some peoples feet need more support in different places

    you need to try a few pairs on for comfort

    Original Poster

    Rep to all guys.

    Think I'll be standing with wet feet on the floor and then off to my local running shop at the weekend.

    Thanks again.

    That would depend really. Are you running on roads, gym machines or crosscountry? Do you overpronate, underpronate or are you a neutral runner. Do you have forefoot or heel strike. Would you like cushion, motion control or stability.

    Welcome to the world of running shoes. I would recommend going to a reputable running shop and discussing you requirements to a trained assistant. Then buy a pair of shoes that they recommend and that feel right for you. At least you should try them on a running machine which they shoud have in the shop.If you are still running a few months later and are happy with your shoes then go online and find a cheap supplier like and buy as many pairs as you can.

    No one can 'Recommend' shoes for you on a website like this as we are all different!!!

    ps Take your old trainers with you to the shop as they should look at the wear pattern of the soles.

    Asics Gel, try sports direct, they usually have some good deals..
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