good site for watching free films online - wixi

been a miserable day - kids fed up -

they have been watching films on wixi

you have to register first


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Is this legal?

never heard before, plus it could be illegal


never heard before, plus it could be illegal

it's ilegal to host the videos, but not illegal to have them collated on your website as they are being streamed from the website that hoasts them, I always watch films and tv online as it's cheaper than having a tv licence and a tv in halls!

(being films owned by companies, not personal films)

I will check it later


I prefer to dl then watch.

Be very careful using this site and i had a very nasty rootkit virus transferred to my system via this service, but apart from this it is pretty good, it is going to get very popular very soon.

which site jock?


which site jock?

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