Good speakers and possibly soundcard for my PC

    I've had my PC hooked up to my hi-fi for some time now in order to output to it's speakers however it has become a bit impractical in terms of space to take it to and from university and, hence, I have decided to look for some standalone speakers.

    I'm looking for some that have great sound quality and good volume but also not too large and bulky, 2.1 or 5.1 or 7.1 just as long as they are relatively compact. I listen to all kinds of music, including very heavy metal, trance, hip hop and whatever else.

    I'm thinking maybe Altec Lansing as I am impressed by the speakers I experienced by them or Logitech brand although I am open to anything really, oh yeah and under £100, or even better under £50 would be great.

    Also I'm looking for a sound card to replace my onboard such as an x-fi xtreme music.



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    hmm, strange, says theres 1 comment when there isn't

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    Those look pretty good, how would you say they compared to the Logitech Z-4 specification wise? They are a bit cheaper but have great reviews on amazon and play…tml…top

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    Just realised the MX5021's sub is not shielded so its probably a bit of a no no as I'm in student accommodation and there isn't really a lot of space for me to put it a few metres away or whatever.

    Ah just found out no subs are really shielded and it doesn't affect LCD's anyway

    Do you know the measurements for the MX5021?

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    Found the measurements, bit large, know of any smaller ones?

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    Just giving this a bump since its new year now and theres bound to be some deals around

    Can anyone find the MX5021's in a colour other than white for a similar price to
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