good speakers for uni!

    all i have is my macbooks speakers and theyre getting drowned out compared to everyone elses! ive been looking at these Logitech X-230 recently theyre about 40 quid which is my price bracket really, does anyone have any good deals on similar speakers?thanks all


    I've got Lacie Firewire speakers. The sound out of them is amazing for something pretty small, and they look cool too. I got mine off ebay for around £40(ish). The link below is them on play but you might be able to find them cheaper.


    You do need to have a firewire port on your laptop. I've got the macbook pro and its on the right hand side.


    ive just got some foe my macbook
    maxell ones usb powered
    £10 99 from play
    they work alright

    Get JBL Creature II. They'll match your MacBook nicely, and they sound really good. They're very loud considering the size.


    logitech z-10's just got a pair n they rock, 55 quids

    pc world price match with ebuyer

    The Logitech Interactive PC Speakers contain a built-in touch sensitive control and a back lighted display that shows track information, a clock, volume & more. Ideal for use with notebook or desktop.

    * Logitech Z-10 Interactive Speaker System
    * Total 30 Watts RMS
    * Touch-sensitive multimedia controls
    * Screen shows digital music track info
    * Internet radio presets
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