Found 3rd May 2008
Looking to get a new pc/laptop within the next few months. Something around £600.

I liked the XPS M1210 but I think thats discontinued. I don't like huge laptops so a small compact one would be nice.

- Big HDD
- Good GFX card
- Not bothered about OS (I've grown used to Vista)
- BluRay

If I can't get a laptop around this price then maybe I'd get a desktop, but as long as its small. Any help would be great, thanks.

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This certainly meets the compactness criteria…019

Shame about the Gfx and the lack of bluray

Getting bluray on a laptop is not as easy as you might think: the easiest option is to get dell to add it in for you, a quick glance at an inspiron 1525 (N0552508) with a processor upgrade, hard disk upgrade and a bluray drive would take you to approx £575 delivered.

Problem is, thats a standard 15.4" affair.

Dell don't offer BluRay on the 13" XPS, so I think you're going to have to make a compromise somewhere

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Hmmm nice laptop but really looking for a good gfx card, I am not TOTALLY bothered about blu ray just as long as its small/has good size hdd/and good gfx. I may resort to Dell because of the customization but I've heard alot of bad reviews from customers.
I seen a deal on here not too long ago for a Sony with Blu Ray it was about £600 I think but I can't find the link.

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Do you mind 15.4" screen? If not, Novatech have a decent ]Alpha here for … Do you mind 15.4" screen? If not, Novatech have a decent ]Alpha here for £550 plus your choice of OS.

Very nice! I like that it has Bluetooth I may get that one, thanks Diodorus-siculus
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