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    I am looking for a good spec Base unit to go with my shiny new monitor, I like the look of the new dells but to be honest dont really know enough about them to know if they are worth it or not.

    In particular I was looking at this one submitted by Mike……157

    Are these worth the money ?? as at nearly £600 its a fair bit.

    I know that I shouldnt pick a pc because of its looks but hey, they are part of the furniture nowadays.


    I have a dell and you have to realise they are very software specific. e.g some of their DVD players can't be flashed to play multi region. You get 5 goes and that's your lot. A bit like vodaphone and Mp3 not being able to be used as ringtones. Apart from that not too bad.

    Build your own i say! More fun, you get to have really what you want and need spec wise, and it's the sense of achievement as you look at what you've built, having grazed your knuckles and fingers lol fitting the bits and bobs

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    Thanks grimm6,

    Dont mind that too much as I dont really bother with different region dvd's too much.
    And I do like the look of the new Dells.

    Does anyone have a experience of the dual processor Pc's ?

    Are they a big advantage over one faster processor ?

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    Yeah I know what u mean, I built my last one, its good to decide exactly what spec you want.

    Its just that the Dells are so cheap nowadays that its difficult to make any real savings over their prices.

    Well to be honest, i built my own last year, i did have some parts over but i got from ebay a:

    asrock mobo, k8upgrade-1689
    amd athlon 64 2.2ghz
    512mb DDR ram

    for £122 inc p+p, that was Sep 2005.

    I added an LG dvd 16x rw+- dvd writer for £30 and a cheap and cheerful case for £20. I had two hd's and they've been fine, coupled with the bargain hanns-g monitor, 19" widescreen, it's cost me around £300 i guess all in, plus my own time. I'd say that was pretty good going and it's still working very well. I'd build my own again :thumbsup:


    I always built my own until I bought my first Dell, now I wouldnt bother building again, I just buy whats closest to my needs and maybe change the graphics card for a much better but much cheaper than dell can supply and up the ram as again Dell charge just too much for ram upgrades.
    If the base has to go back to Dell for repair at any time I would just remove the extra ram and graphics card so they dont have a problem with warranty.

    At present I have a P4 3.4Ghz cpu and dont feel the need to upgrade as it copes fine with the limited use I put it to, but I have just ordered a core 2 duo 2Ghz Inspiron 6400 laptop just to see how much better it is than my 2.13Ghz Pentium mobile cpu in my current Dell laptop.
    With applications that make use of the dual cores it should mean a dramatic increase in task speed if the reviews and benchmarks are to believed, we shall see.
    I would say it depends on what uses you put your pc/laptop to as to if a dual core cpu is a must have, though prices will continue to drop on these which will push the single core cpu's out of the market as customers reject them for dual cored models due to marketing hype apart from any other reasons.

    Good advice always...yes it's a case of what you want from a PC. Serious gamers require a higher spec to get the best out of the latest action games...if like most people you just require a PC for the internet, word processing and storing data and digital photos then you can cut costs and get full satisfaction from something the Medion that was on here a few weeks ago for £205 inc postage.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated.

    Our Pc is probably the most used piece of kit in our house and my son does do a fair bit of gaming so I guess its best to get a decent one.

    Now where's that Dell website.......


    ]'s the medion

    I bought a medion base only from Aldi when it was on offer and the specs for the price was awesome,have not had a problem with it yet and its been just over a year.:thumbsup:
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