Good Stand Up Dvd's, Reccommend me a good comedian!

    Well as above really, I'm looking for some stand up dvd's, who's any good in this day and age? I like Jimmy Carr, But don't like chubby brown.


    You might have seen him in FOTC as murray brilliant standup

    Bit expensive but worth it…-21

    jimmy carr

    peter kay

    lee evans

    Ronald Reagan, was good in his day. :oops:


    Has to be Lee Evans…0yU

    "I need 10cc's of cif, and an IV of domestos, Quick we're going to losew this STAIN"


    tim vine...u either love him or hate him though!

    Billy Connolly every time

    Jethro :-D

    Micheal Mcintrye, Russell Howard - Two best comics at the moment



    Micheal Mcintrye, Russell Howard - Two best comics at the moment/thread

    I really like Russel Howard too!!

    The OH bought a Frankie Boyle live dvd and I really enjoyed that!

    EDIT: oh oh oh... saw Michael Mcintrye on some chat thing the other day and he had me in stitches!

    Richard Pryor
    Chris Rock
    Russell Howard
    Dylan Moran

    The new Sean Lock stand up DVD is one of the funniest i have seen in years


    I have never understood why people like Lee Evans. I have watched a few of his shows over the years and it just seems very childish!

    Anywho. I'd recommend, as others have said - Frankie Boyle (brilliant), Russell Howard, Omjid Dhjali (spelling?)

    We went ot see Alan Carr who was hillarious & he has released a DVD of the tour too.

    I also really like Dara Ó Briain - he is very good!

    Not keen on that Michael McIntyre though - thinks he's funny which is a real turn off for me!

    Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling - best double act of the moment.

    my absolute faves have to be eddie murphys 'raw' and 'delirious' or any of peter kays 'live at the top of the tower' is a good one

    Chris Rock - Never Scared is hilarious!!

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    thanks people, some decent Names their, I will give some a look:thumbsup:
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