Good Sunglasses

    Looking for a deal on either Ray Bans or Oakley sunglasses.
    Does anyone have codes/vouchers or know of any sales at the moment?

    Thanks in advance,



    If you know anyone that is in the armed forces or works for the emergency services they get discount on Oakley products as they have a catalogue that they will send you out and choose the stuff you want

    If you are a student, last year I got a pair of raybans from the Sunglasses Hut, a reasonably big chain, and they gave 10% off I think.

    Just be very careful when buying Ray Bans and Oakleys that appear to be too good a deal.

    E-Bay is flooded with cheap replicas from China! The quality of these is excellent but they aren't genuine even some high street retailers have been taken in by these very good quality replicas.

    The old checks of B & L etched on the lenses doesn't work as Ray Ban make lenses in house now. I've been led to beieve that Chinese companies produce both Oakley and Ray Bans "under license" on the condition that they don't export. Typically this rule is ignored and millions of these replica glasses find their way onto E-Bay and internet retailers offering 60% savings and such like deals. The quality is similar to the genuine article but they are not the real deal.

    I bought a pair of these replicas for £15 off E-Bay and the guy at Sunglasses Hut couldn't tell the difference.

    This is just a heads up on what is out there.

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