Good switch games for my four year old

Posted 30th Jan
I have been waiting for the day that I could play some games with my little one.

Can someone give me a list of games that would be good?

She is really into her letters and numbers at the moment as well, so anything around that?

She loves Paw Patrol, so was thinking of that. Does anyone have a four year old, or there abouts that has enjoyed it?

I do have access to other consoles, if people have suggestions.

Thanks very much.
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My 4 year old played Paw Patrol on the Xbox One and found it very repetitive and lost interest after the first few ‘levels’.

He enjoys the Sonic games and Yoshi’s Island at the moment. Mario Kart and the Mario/Sonic Olympic Games are his current favourites.
Untitled Goose Game
1, 2 switch is a good starter game. Lots of variety so wouldn’t get bored straight away
Definitely recommend anything MARIO - the olympics games are loads of fun, plus Mariokart is easy peasy to play too!
Most kids love GTA I’m sure he’ll be fine with it..
Yoshi crafted world
Mario Odyssey (can get challenging)
Mario Kart
Maybe Captain Toad
toonsquirel30/01/2020 15:33

Most kids love GTA I’m sure he’ll be fine with it..

Fortnite first, come on...
Lego games are good as you can play along side
Thanks all. Have many of those mentioned. Might start with Super Mario SNES version first.
Legend of Zelda botw
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