Good time to buy a PS3 ?

    Is now a good time to get a PS3 or do you think the prices will be dropping drastically in the near future ?



    Can't see them dropping drastically.. perhaps a small amount post christmas, but the 60gb is excellent value at the mo, especially if you have a virgin credit card.

    Virgin also do the 40gb + extra pad + blu-ray + any chart game for £335. Good deal beacue you get to pick your own game, instead of the bundled ones. Im just gonner wait for Call of Duty 4 to pick my bundle up.

    40gb also runs cooler and quieter, important if you plan to watch movies on it like I do.

    I dont think there wii be any major price drops untiil March/April.

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    sweet thanks guys.

    Now, I have a dilemma of going for the xbox 360 or ps3 ... not sure which one to get. The only plus I can see with the ps3 is that it has blu-ray built in. I am not sure if the ps3 can also play HD movies ? Also, does the xbox 360 have HD movie compatability as standard ?


    [SIZE=2]Bluray is a hd movie format - it doesn't however play hd dvd.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]360 plays hd dvds with the add on (costing around £100).[/SIZE]

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    I think ill just leave it then as I am not sure which technology will pick up the mode. blu-ray and hd seem to be head to head at the moment


    One aspect to be aware of is that the PS3 60GB is being phased out and officially it's discontinued - the 40GB model lacks the card readers, the four USB ports on the front, backwards compatibility and SACD support. I've seen comments about the 40GB being quieter but I'm not really sure how that's possible as the 60GB model is pretty much silent, I can only hear it when the room is completely quiet and I'm near to the console.

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