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I need to return a 26" LCD TV I have, it weighs 26kg and so far the cheapest I can find is Parcelforce which is 23.45. I don't want to use DHL as I've had problems with them in the past, I can't seem to find any kind of delivery calculator on City Link's website.
Does anyone know of a good delivery service at low prices?

Thanks in advance


parcels to go are very good see this link

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Parcel2go = Stay away! Unless you don't mind your parcel not being picked up and nobody answering your emails, go with them. Prices are reasonable and they use DHL. However, I have had nothing but problems with them.

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Yea, I looked into using them before and had read nothing but bad things, and have had bad experiences with DHL in the past so am not keen to use them either. thanks for the help though

Wouldn't use parcel2go if it was free,total rubbish company stuff is late gets damaged and when it is damaged they don't want to know.Stay well clear.

Blimey sorry about sugesting them as when i used them (admitted a good 7 months ago) they didnt seemm to bad but i wont use them again knowing so many of you have had a bad experience.

City Link will charge you around £60-80 for something this big.

Plus, it'll probably arrive broken.

i've used parcelfusion.com about 10 times, excellent each and every time, the cheapest by far, and they use parcelforce, prices start from £7.95 for next day! For something that big, you *may* need to email them (they have a dimensions and weight bit on site that calculates or tells you to email them). I'm after buying a tv, which can be up to 45kg's, I've emailed them for a quote but they have yet to reply (although xmas/new year period will have messed that up)

had over 100 pc's delivered through, Parcel2go. not one problem!

at the end of the day they are just the middle men. DHL do the leg work.

I'm sure i heard of one call interparcel or something. they use parcelforce too, but now i am guessing...

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I just used parcelsend.co.uk/, £17 for 26kg lcd tv with £500 insurance and 24 hour delivery via parcelforce. seems like a bargin considering the same thing from the parcelforce website costs £40.10

I'll let you know how it goes
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