good value bike lock

    just bought a £200 bike looking for a bike lock thats not to dear, nothing to heavy to be honest thanks


    a D Lock is about the best option for security as most cable locks can be cut whereas D Lock's need angle grinders

    Tesco have one @ £7.00
    Asda £8.00
    on Ebay there is a combination D Lock & 4ft cable for £12.99 here


    £200 bike = £20 lock

    the D Locks are good but can be a bit heavy if your carrying them, if your leaving it on the bike all the time the only problem with that is it will mark the frame and start to putt the paint off.

    here is what i would go for

    Kryptonite Keeper Value Armoured Cable Lock £22.49…393

    Masterlock Python Cable System NOW£23.99…440

    with your bike only been £200 it wont be a pro thief who will go after it because it has very low value, the only thief who will try and have a go at taking it will be a low life druggys ect...

    We have a Kryptonite and it comes with an insurance guarantee in case the bike gets stolen. Excellent lock.

    this Kryptonite should do the trick
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