Good Value SATA Hard Drive Required

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Found 21st Feb 2007
Hi guys,

A hard drive in a friend's PC has just failed, so I'm after a replacement.

I'm after something that's good value more than anything, a decent brand is a must though, also if the site in questions offers cashback and quick delivery that'd be a huge bonus, and if the site in question sells uber cheap mice and keyboards then that'd be ace too. Thanks


I generally buy from Scan (]scan.co.uk), as I am one of the lucky ones who gets lifetime free delivery. They usually have hard disks in the 'Today only' section - e.g. they're doing a 200Gb Seagate drive for £43.77 + delivery today (21/2/07). Delivery is usually 3 days, and they also sell mice and keyboards. Others to consider are Dabs (]dabs.com), misco ([url]www.misco.co.uk)[/url].

You really need to state a budget and HDD capacity so members can help you identify the best deals...my advice , as usual, is to go for a samsung..quiet and the most reliable I have owned...look on ]microdirect.co.uk
3% quidco cashback.

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Cheers for the replies guys, I'm looking for a SATA hard drive for £35-£40 really, found a nice Samsung 160GB for that price and I too get free delivery which is ace, was going to order it but I'm after a mouse and keyboard too.

I was looking at a Microsoft Comfort Curve which seems absolutely spot on, I found one on Scan too in a bundle with a Microsoft mouse for like £15 which is a great bargain since I'm after a new mouse too, just a cheap one, but it's out of stock and I can't find it reasonably priced anywhere, it's bloody annoying.

Trying to get a cheap SATA HDD/Mouse/Keyboard and it seems whever I look it has two of the three for good prices but the other really expensive, buh. WHY ARE ALL MOUSE AND KEYBOARD BUNDLES EITHER RUBBISH OR WIRELESS?

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That is indeed the one, many thanks! Shame there's no suitable hard drives on there though, the 160GB ones from £35-£40 are all out of stock I do hate to sound fussy or whatever, but that's the price I told her it'd be for a new one
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