Good virgin media broadband speed but terrible xbox connection?

Found 1st Dec 2010
I'm on 20mb connection and the speed runs fine on my laptop, getting 2.47mb download speed. But the xbox is a different matter.

Online it is very laggy, the xbox is next to the modem and router running via ethernet with all the relevant ports opened.

but im getting really bad ping test results.

any ideas as virgin keep telling me to reset the modem which does not do a thing.
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phone 150 and listen
my friend is having this problem but i believe hes with Sky, he either sits on red bar for black ops or will lag so bad its unplayable or just lag out in general

if he finds a solution il let you know
wired or wireless connection from xbox to router?
What's the model number of the router?
We have Virgin with a Netgear VMDG280 modem/router and have had problems. Although they are more wireless issues, I do remember reading people having problems with the Xbox hooked up to it.
whats the ping and packet loss. used to have a good connection but lots of packet loss and consequently lag due to a faulty cable. - post the results
wow thats a terrible ping. Sorry mate can't help you, hope you get it sorted. I recently moved to bt infinity and was hoping for a great xbox connection. Don't get me wrong i don't lag out or anything but i haven't had host once. other people i know with 5mb o2 and same ping as me get host all the time.
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