Good Walking Trousers

    Looking for a good pair of non-cotton (quick drying) walking trousers, i bought a pair of craghoppers kiwis and thought in short that they were poo, the stitching tore and hopefully the shop will take them back, should've expected it as they're owned by regatta, still, if anyone can recommend a good pair or a shop to go to for a reasonable price, nothing over £20. Thanks in advance, lz


    How about these Good Walking Trousers…jpg


    How about these Good Walking Trousers

    Tsk...they're the wrong trousers!!! lol

    Have you tried an army surplus store? their stuff is bound to be good quality. afraid i dont know any more to help.


    Bella you are so helpful i must say have some rep from me and i don't even need the strides :thumbsup:

    Try Paramo Cambia they are the ultimate in waterproof quick drying walking trousers. They are £100 but can be found for £80. My husband swears by them after trying cheaper ones that just don't do the job. These are worn alone and dry out so quickly.

    IMHO you get what you pay for!

    Walking trews take a lot of 'hammer' and as such 20 squids will not get you a pair to be proud of. save a bit longer and get a pair for 60 squids plus.
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