Posted 1st Jan 2023 (Posted 1 h, 2 m ago)
I'm looking for a washer dryer for the first time ever as I've moved into a new apartment and have no space for a dryer.
I am looking for some know-hows on the best quality brands or models as I've always avoided them like the plague due to the infamous reputation they have of breaking down.
My 8 year old hotpoint aquarius is still in tip-top condition, which is a shame 😔
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    Might get shot down for this but I've had a Beko WM that just packed up and when I enquired about a repair the guy said it's 11 years old!! I thought it was about 5 lol, so I bought a new Beko and Argos had one for 270 quid
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    When you say 'best quality brands', does that mean that budget is not an issue?

    Miele has a very good reputation
    Mid range I guess, my budget is roughly £700 but I need a hardy brand/model. Miele is totally out of the question. Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion.
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