Good way to remove plants and weeds growing in between driving bricks without jet wash

Posted 29th Dec 2019
We have weed and plants growing in between our driveway, what is a good way to remove it?

I was thinking of mixing bleach and/or salt with hot water and pouring across the driveway - not sure if this will work.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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They'll be dormant now so a good time to do it. The best way is a kneeling mat and a patio knife.
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I use this weed brush which helps make the job easier.
Use a decent weed killer and don’t scrape them out or they will only come quickly back again. Roundup is good
Patio magic. Works well
I've found strong vinegar and a lot of salt mixed in works well and no harmful left over chemicals. Your drive smells like chips for a couple of hours but it does fade. Cheap to make as well. But as with round up you have to do it when it's dry and when it's not likely to rain in the next 24 hours to give it time to work.
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steer clear of round up.

use either a salt based one to make the ground beneath as inhospitable to vegetation as your driveway is to a cool environment (brick absorbs heat, helps germination of weeds & seeds as well as making a hotspot in the hottest weather).

Or as above with vinegar, likely 5 litres of white vinegar from the nearest wholesaler for about £3 ..pour carefully into cracks.
YouTube videos on vinegar and salt weed killer, get yourself a sprayer from Screwfix and make it yourself. It's the cheapest solution for weed killing.
Use a glyphosate based weed killer but more effective from spring onwards.
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