good way to study theory???

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Found 14th Aug 2010
got my thoery coming up and really hoping to pass it whats the best way to study as its reallllly boring

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I found it easier revising by using the theory pc software and just kept on going through the mock theory and hazard perception tests for about 2 weeks and done about 3 tests per night as it sunk in doing it that way rather than reading books etc

yeah as above get some software and keep doing the mock exams until you consitantly get a pass mark.

driving theory training for nintendo ds is good too

if you are a woman I wouldnt bother, just forget all about driving

I practiced & practiced the online mock tests & read through the highway code numerous times

like the others i just kept doing the mock tests over and over and over - i only got 1 wrong when it came to the test!

Have a look at Smart Learners - there's loads of useful info on there

Also, get a copy of Driving the Essential Skills - pub by DSA (usually cheapest on Amazon) - it's the book they take all the theory questions from - and it's not nearly as boring as the Highway Code !!

Like previous posters have said, also do some practice tests - both the theory and the hazard perception - it'll help you to know what it'll be like on the day as well as test how well you are doing. Theory training is available now on most platforms so you can practice on pc, tv, ds etc etc

And good luck !!

dont waste loads of money on books. I bought this bad boy for 6 quid and passed first time, most of the questions that came up in the real exam were on this or worded slightly differently, had the high way code and the theory in an electronic form also.

Good luck

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