Good websites for....

    .....finding auctions, especially cars from liquidations or government auctions. All websites I have found want paying for info that is probably free if you know where to look?
    I dont hence very grateful for any help given.

    Thank you


    .......Great request, i have searched searched and struggled some more the only sniff i got is that customs and excise do there sales once a month and it is local to area so find yellow pages and ring biggest auction house in ure area they normally know or send you in right direction.....if ure nice enough but i still get dead ends

    good luck with ure search i will be watching this post very carfully

    Original Poster

    Thanks esq. I have been on this site before looking at Irish number plates, didn't notice the auctions too thanks for that! Hopefully Dingleberry we may get a shortlist together given time?

    have you tried auto trader or ad trader they put adverts in of auctions
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