Good websites for kids?

    Looking for some decent websites for a five year old. Now he has his new iMac he needs some games to play on.

    He usually goes on Cartoon Network site, used to like Cbeebies but think he's grown out of it.

    So any recommendations? Looking for educational sites as well as fun ones (or combined?).



    kidzui is a good browser- they can then type in their own stuff without anything unsuitable popping up.
    My two love Bin weevils and club penguin

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    Thanks Sy, he already goes on those ones.

    Bluetigermobiles - will download kidzui, looks good thanks for the recommendation.

    Have you tried Club Penguin? It's Disney and around £30 but educational and fun. My 6 year old loves it.

    Nick junior?


    Thanks, will have a look later as may be interesting for my 2, especially with half term.

    kidzuii ?

    As above Kidzu is fantastic and totally safe and its free

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    Just downloaded kidzui, looks great. Son is loving it.

    Cheers for that everyone. Any other must use sites or have we covered the best ones?

    Wow, Kidzu is amazing - I was lookign for something like this about 2 years ago and there wasn't anything like that (That I could find anyway)
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