Goodbye :)




    Best wishes to you Diodorus ....

    Where abouts are you actually going in SE Aisa?

    Good luck :-D

    Awww......... so sorry to see you go but, good luck and enjoy your new life :thumbsup:

    You will pop back in from time to time I trust?

    Good Luck!

    Good luck mate and be good dio

    wish you well - good luck

    good luck
    and al the best 4 your future there

    All the best for the future:)

    Aaawww that's soo lovely - best of luck hun x

    Good luck and best wishes for the future Diodorus-siculus :thumbsup:

    Glad to hear of someone going to give back to world...

    Good luck.

    Lol ill give you some rep... some of the last rep you'll get :P

    What a brave and honourable thing to do. May God bless and look after you and your family and look forward to your safe return in a few years time.

    Good luck Dio :thumbsup:

    thats fabulous!! we need more like you.
    May you be blessed and kept safe.
    All the best


    Good luck Mr and Mrs Dio and very best wishes to you both! Take care and thanks for all you've given us here too...


    LOL I saw the name in the last post box on the index - and thought it was a thread lock - or a going away suspension!!! :w00t:

    Good luck all! I think this is the best member goodbye thread in Misc yet Hope to see you back on HUKD sometime...

    good luck brah, sounds like fun!


    Good Luck and Hope you geat what you want from life. x

    All the very best. I hope that all goes well and there is mutual benefit.

    Wish you both the very best and good luck with your new life.

    Good luck

    All the best Dio, Good Luck x x x and Be good :lol;

    The best of luck to you and your family Dio, I'm sure you'll find the move a rewarding one! Bon voyage!!!

    good luck and have fun

    Exellent what your doing is great. Good Luck, stay safe and I'm sure you'll help load of people.


    [SIZE="4"]I hope you learn as much as you teach Dio.....[/SIZE]

    ...& have some fun too!!?!

    Good luck Mr & Mrs D although I am sure you won't need it

    All best to you all :thumbsup:


    good luck and try to pop in and update us how things are going, take care xx



    Glad its all going well. Thanks for the postcard! :thumbsup:

    Wishing you both all the best.

    Hvae fun mate
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