Good/High Specification Graphics card for BTX Chassis... Low Profile

Found 16th Sep 2008
Im looking for the best low profile graphics card that I can get to fit into my BTX chassis

Can anyone lend a hand... been searching for months and no luck on the good/high spec front and not many LP either

I currently have 256mb ASUS EAX1600 PRO

Thanks in advance!
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The 4650 due to be relased in the next couple of months looks like it might be a low profile card.
Thanks... im looking into that now...

Thats a full height card... any low profiles?

Thanks... im looking into that now...Thats a full height card... any low … Thanks... im looking into that now...Thats a full height card... any low profiles?

Are you sure? One of the new ATI low-end cards will be low-profile and I thought it was that one. Of course, we'll have to wait for release to say for certain.

You won't get a high-spec card, lower midrange is about the best you can hope for. You might be able to find an 8500GT in a low-profile version as there were a few of those about for a time.
Thanks for your reply.

Well I had a bit of a google and didnt find it to be low profile.

I know about a 8600GT and the 9600GT that has come out but it needs a 6 pin connector and since my system is the rubbish DELL C521 it doesn't have that or the power supply to support the card....

I think I might be getting the 8600GT, I wanted to see if I can find another one, better one.... but I think I need a new comp

Unless someone has heard of any other ones?
The power connector is no problem, you can get PCI-E to molex power adapters very cheaply and your system will have molex power connectors.

Generally the sort of lower mid-range is the highest low profile cards go, I've not come across any low profile 3850s or 9600GTs.

If you've not got any current PCI cards except your graphics card then you may be able to buy a new case and transfer the components over.
hmm yeah I could get a new case however its hard to find a full tower micro BTX case, Ive searched before.

I can get the 9600gt LF from Galaxy I believe... I think I should just go with that for now

I might be selling my current pc and just get a new one which is completely upgradable.

Thanks for you help
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