Goodies to bring back from Canada....any must haves??

Food treats that must be tried, any ideas? Anything that can only be bought in Canada that i must get?


Poppycock Pecan and Almond Popcorn! Omg, you gotta buy some of that!

a moose

can you bring me back a big beaver?:whistling:


An iPad?

as above from barky, except a small one please

I'll have a mountie

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any more? Chocolate? sweets? anything?


a canadian mountie

food, no, if its any good you can already buy it here, only thing I used to take to USA was tea bags, but they started to get typhoo, and didnt bring any food back

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An iPad?

Sorted ..... 550-750 dollars.

three musketeers (choc bar)

Maple Syrup!!!!

Depends which part - but we bought back loads of chocolates that had peanut butter in them (not Reece bars though) when in Vancouver years ago. Gorgeous chocolates in see through boxes which I can't for the life of me remember the name!

You gotta try Beaver Tails.

Checked Shirt...............

I'll get me coat.

Trailer Park Boys Box Set


chain saw

Celine Dion.

lucky charms cereal
Crown Royal whiskey

They have the best teryakki chicken out there, My Auntie who lives there sends some to us if anyone goes over to visit Enjoy x


Buffalo Airlines t shirt please .. large

maple syrup i know you can buy it here but its not the same


maple syrup i know you can buy it here but its not the same

DEFINITELY. Go to one of the farms and get the proper stuff. Trust me, it's worth the effort :):)

Canada is generally overpriced. I think they might also be upping it with the Higher Sales Tax.

I brought back some Hersheys chocolate and cream kisses, and some levi's.
Not as cheap as the stuff I got over the border in Seattle. (was staying in Vancouver)

make sure you have a Cora Breakfast


Check online with the food agency.. Lots of stuff you can't bring back

Canada have some laws that stop you from taking stuff in as well.. We had loads impounded..
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