Goodnight Sweetheart

    Hi looking for Goodnight Sweetheart Dvds

    My girlfriend purchased season 1,2 & 3 from musiczone in Darlington for £6.97 but season 4 & 5 in there were £15+

    so I'm either looking for Season 4,5 & 6 for a similar price as the 1,2 & 3 seasons either online or in a shop

    or I'm looking for the box set cheaper than…tml which i think they have it at about £62.99

    any help would be nice... off to do some more hunting


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    think i've found out why there a bit more expensive…art

    appear to be pretty new releases

    still any help would be great


    As the complete box set is only on pre-order, I'd wait a while before ordering it.

    Cheapest for seasons 4, 5, and 6 I can see online is £12.49 each from Benson's World:

    ][COLOR="blue"]Goodnight Sweetheart series 4 - £12.49 @ Bensons world[/COLOR]
    ][COLOR="blue"]Goodnight Sweetheart series 5 - £12.49 @ Bensons world[/COLOR]
    ][COLOR="blue"]Goodnight Sweetheart series 6 - £12.49 @ Bensons world[/COLOR]

    However - they may be cheaper from [COLOR=blue]The Hut [/COLOR](site is down at the minute). I think they are £12.89 each from there, but if you use the 5% discount voucher, this would be £12.25 each series.

    They are not available online for the price you got instore for the first three.

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    Thanks Emma, I may wait a few months to see if the price drops

    are you sticking with that avatar, because your yin and yan dolphin thing was better :P

    I think people will recognise me better with this one... I may make a few along the same lines, and amend them to what mood I feel like

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    so hmmm how big was your last avatar then, I read that you said it was a mod secret, is it cos your a mod and the avatar size is bigger?

    hmmm black books 1-3 is £17.99 and £31.99 on

    Why not wait for the box set in november but its expensive £65 from
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