Strange name but a useful tool if you shop at the bay buy the e! Goofbay

    You can see how many others are watching an item, look for wrong spellings even view private feedback if the seller feels the need to hide it.



    Checks for shill bidders too.

    My brother in law once tried to shill bid on one of his items, unfortunately he forgot it was buy it now.




    Hmm... Useful it shows all the hidden info, which I think shouldn't be hidden!

    How does it manage to show the hidden info? Is that not breaking some law of ebay?

    It uncovers private feedback. Doesn't that make you think they have something to hide if they hide their feedback?

    Could be worth having a look at. Might come in useful.

    hey, this aint that bad, shows how many people have it on their watched list, gives you a good idea on how many bidders you might be up against.

    Yeah it's a nice find Thanks Fixngrout!
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