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    Google are celebrating their 10th birthday, google have released their search engine to replicate searches in 2001 (yes i know that wasnt 10 yrs ago, its all they had going back so far)

    its pretty interesting.…tml


    "If you have 10 minutes to spare, take a look at an archive that Google has posted to mark the company's 10th anniversary. The search engine and its results are based on data from 2001, but it's interesting to see what turns up when popular 2008 terms are entered. For instance, iPod generates a reference to Image Proof of Deposit Document Processing System, and the 771 Barack Obama results centered around his duties as an Illinois State Senator."


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    its pretty cool, gives you an insight of how the world was just 7 years ago.

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    No HUKD in 2001, does anyone know what year it started??

    It's currently advertising a competition for it's 4th birthday, so i'm guessing 2004 :thumbsup:

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    no one had a look at this? I thought it was really cool.

    its pretty cool, its interesting look at stuff like the iphone or playstation 3.

    Or even the disasters like 9-11, Iraq, Sarah Palin etc


    just shows you how much information google is actually collecting about us all, scary if you ask me
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