Google April fools trick

    Its so obvious thats an April fools trick


    Yup it is - though it has made it onto front page of deals all the same.

    Hehe, just a bit of fun.

    It isn't really obvious until you hit the second page.

    [url][/url] - the flash video site - has taken the look of Google Video and announced it has been purchased by google for ~$32million and will be called Google Animation.

    And the [url][/url] website has something amusing at the top.

    Have to say that it was harder than it used to be to find the april fool in the newspaper today - half of the stories should have been april fools! A lot of them are just ridiculous which is how you know they are real......

    .....If there was a story saying that someone had been sent to prison for something OTHER than not paying their council tax or littering, then I would of know THAT was an april fool......

    ......sad what the world is coming to.....

    my favourite day of the year. Sadly I'm home alone, I'll have to make some calls...

    :giggle: My dog even pulled her own april fool - she started barking at the door and dad opened it thinking there was someone there :giggle:

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