Google Checkout - Whats the deal?

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Found 19th Apr 2007

Anyone explain the pro and cons of google checkout?
Is it just for merchants selling stuff? Seems to me its a bit like Paypal no?
Whats the benefit of signing up as a buyer?

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All I know is that I got a tenner off an order by using Google Checkout.

Call my gullible if you want, but that sold the deal to me.

odd one this - ebuyer are giving a tenner off ALL orders - so you can order more than once (i think)

the advantage of signing up as a buyer is so all your card details are in one place

basically google wants to be a all in 1 solution - maps,email, search,checkout,evil dictator,translator etc etc

bit like paypal for merchants i guess ?!?!

Google are promoting this trying to go head to head with paypal. The idea being google can charge more for advertising.The eBuyer deals last until may

Is there google charges like paypal charges for using it?

no cons as far as i can see


Is there google charges like paypal charges for using it?

Yes, but they are lower than the PayPal charges.

Go and take a look... :thumbsup:

I had a quick browse before, as this rivals paypal, can you send money to other google checkout users, and have a balance like paypal does? Or just merchants?

Gonna have a closer inspection
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