Found 20th Nov 2008
Find out just now (may be too late) on youtube that google has launched its own browser.

is this any better than firefox?

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I like it, it's fast loading and user friendly. Firefox just keeps crashing with me when downloading anything.


its rubbish imo. very basic.

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thanks for the comments

any thoughts on its security?
I like firefox cos it has so many security-related add ons like adblock, noscript

Firefox reaches parts other browsers can not reach...

It's pretty swish, but I'm using Firefox due to the extensions et al, of course.

Future could be bright from G Chrome though.


Ive tried it and its horrible.

Unorganised, cluttered and plain ****, plus theres the safety issue, Add Ons compatibility, the list goes on and on

Nothing can touch Mozilla when it comes to browsers, fast ,safe and user friendly


Sposed to be good as each tab within the browser has its own system process, so you can close one tab in task manager if needs be. but i think it has a way to go yet. I love my firefox add ons so I'm sticking with that for now.

FireFox my 1st choice - lots of good add-on extensions.

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thanks for all comments
sticking w Moz Fox then :thumbsup:

I would at least try it out if I were you. I run four different browsers and Chrome is my favourite by far. It never crashes - the others do, IE is the worst - and it is miles faster than it's competitors. I thought FF was a leap up from IE in this regard, but chrome is a bigger leap up from FF imo, at least for speed and stability. My only problem with it is with my Hotmail account - I can read but not write messages. But since that is my least used email account it doesn't bother me - I just open FF or IE for it. Don't just listen to others (or me), try it for yourself and see if it suits. You might be pleasantly surprised

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hi thanks liddle ol me
... tbh ive tried many browsers: opera, safari, operaTOR, avant, X-browser... but have to unistall them cos they im very impressed by FF adds ons.
so i guess i just dont want to go thru that install - uninstall cycle

my bro uses it on his pc and loves it, i cant personally get the hang of it but he swears by it so you should defo give it a shot at least, you never know if you never try

I tried it, and like the capability of closing each tab independently via task manager. .But, It has crashed on me.
There are security problems with it, via googleupdate.exe.
+Plug in incompatabilities...

So overall it's a thumbs down from me. (Maybe in the future.)
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