Google Chrome Deleting History

Found 24th Mar
I have 2 laptops/2 mobile phones which I run Google Chrome.

I delete history etc each day but for the last 4 weeks which ever device I use to clear the browsing history it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to do, anyone know what is wrong?

If I sign out of my account and not login it deletes the history pretty much straight away but as soon as I log back in it takes ages, any help please?
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Think you've answered your question yourself there. When you are not logged in the computer clears is own memory. When you are logged in all accounts have to sync across all devices.
Just go incognito mode so no history is recorded
my google history does not delete until i log into my account and delete it as it is not cookies but history recorded in my google account itself.

i have tried to switch this stalking off but apparently it is not possible and i don't like using incognito as it makes me look like a criminal and raises suspicion with my husband if he sees me using the incognito mode

the history clears pretty quickly, (once i remember how to delete all history rather than each one), but i keep forgetting where they hide this, as they make it as difficult as possible for you to clear your history!
Also your history is held by your isp and Google so only the devices will be cleared... Why not setup the automatically clear history on browser close
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Our just switch to better browsers

Firefox for desktop

Opera for mobile
..and use cc cleaner for those awkward places
Splodger10147 m ago

..and use cc cleaner for those awkward places

...or cotton buds.
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