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Found 12th Oct 2010
We have gone back to having one user on the pc rather than multiple users having to log on and off. Problem is now the users want the google chrome start up pages to load up with different home pages. Have tried having multiple icons on the task bar but when I change one home page it changes them all. Can I set each icon to open a set page depending on which icon is chosen?
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dont think it possible but im no expert lol
The only way I can think of is by right clicking the desktop and select:

new > shortcut > enter the url > save as person1 google chrome

then repeat as many times needed. Make sure google chrome is set as default browser.
How do other multi users do it then, just use the same home page?
Drag the address bar / url to the desktop - this puts a Chrome shortcut there which links direct to whatever page you just dragged there.

You could do this for each "home page" and rename each link "John's Chrome" "Bob's Chrome" "Adolf's Chrome" etc etc

How do other multi users do it then, just use the same home page?

You'd share the same homepage but the start page would be different with each shortcut you create. Didn't think of the home button tbh.

So I'd right click the desktop click new then shortcut and enter and then click next and name it Person1.
Then I'd do the same but enter and name it Person2.
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