Google Chrome web page covers the taskbar...how do I show it again?

Found 8th Feb 2011
As above, dont why this has happened but I cannot change it back so the taskbar is showing on top of the web page

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press f11?

Original Poster


press f11?

Tried that..thanks


Drag the corners? Lastest Update if not click the spanner symbol and select about googke chrome then update


Right-click > properties on the taskbar

you may have unticked the "lock taskbar", seems a bit strange to have the task bar at the top of the page rather then the bottom.

ah I just got what was meant by on top of the web page, not the actual top of the web page.
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Having this issue as well. When it occured i double clicked somewhere roughly near the bottom of the chrome web browser or the taskbar. Eaither way, chrome is covering my taskbar, and been looking for hours. No luck. There is no 'reset settings' in chrome that i could find (in the options area) other then themes, When i been useing windows 7, there is no 'keep taskbar on top of programs' check. Having a difficult time with this
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