Google Chromecast eBay Scammers

Found 26th Sep 2016
So I was looking for Google Chromecast on eBay on Saturday and came across a seller in China with the Chromecast 2 for £2.99 including delivery. They were also selling CCTV DVDR camera systems (4 cameras) for £9.99 amongst other equally cheap prices for Android boxes.

Obviously, too good to be true, so I wouldn't purchase any items off them, and sure enough the next day they were no longer a registered seller. But you could see they had sold hundreds of them in the space of less than 24 hours.

There are currently a couple of sellers again with too good to be true prices on Google Chromecast, and have sold large amounts.

Now, I know eBay should refund all those buyers that have been duped, and the seller accounts are probably hijacked accounts. And I assume the sellers quickly withdraw the PayPal money (probably using an hijacked PayPal account).

So is it eBay/PayPal that looses all that money?

And I was amazed that so many people purchased items, and many of them experienced buyers, judging by their feedback scores.


greed always win. I stay away from price glitches here as well. Just too much hassle in the end
as most times its cancelled.

Paypal holds the funds for a while so Im not sure how they profit from the scams unless they hope no one complains.

the amount of over capasity in china's factories is crazy. it might have been a unbranded chrome cast. if they sell it directly from the factory they are probably making as much as Google would pay them per unit. about 10 years ago I bought a Chinese version of the very first iphone for £40 for that time it was amazing and half the size of a legit iphone…jpg

I bought a Nokia n95 long time ago at a price too good to be true, on ebay from China which was fake. PayPal refunded all my money back after some time of making starting a dispute.
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